“But politics is not, ultimately, a fantasy. Politics has a solid reality to it, one that the candidates are about to confront when people, with real lives, walk into the polls. If their campaigns have not glimpsed that already, at the doorsteps and events and conversations in diners, than they have already lost, and rightly so. Calling what happens on an actual election day the “ground game,” or G.O.T.V.—Get Out The Vote—makes it sound like another scene in the play, but it’s the one in which the candidates learn that they are not the only actors, or even the most important ones. If there is one thing we have learned in 2011—in which Time, in a better than average choice, picked The Protester as the Person of the Year—it is that the lifespans of political frauds do have an end. Maybe, in a few cases, that will come as soon as next Tuesday.”

—Amy Davidson, Gingrich’s Phony War

I hope she’s correct.